Managerial Dynamics is based in Italy and offers executive coaching and training programmes focused on helping managers at different levels within organisations develop and enhance their cross cultural skills in order to effectively respond to the challenges of globalisation in their work environment.

Effective management  is achieved through effective communication  with colleagues, suppliers, customers or  project teams. This task is made all the more difficult when people have differing international cultural backgrounds. The key to managing the multicultural workplace is through effective communication,  knowing how to correctly interpret verbal and nonverbal communication, understand the needs, wants and motivation and ultimately the  behaviour of others.

The programmes provided by Managerial Dynamics focus on improving those managerial competences needed to excel in the area of communications when competing in a global arena and are of prime interest to :

  • global and multinational organisations who because of their nature need to further enhance the capabilities and exploit opportunities offered by operating in a multicultural environment
  • companies which intend to or are in the  process of acquiring or integrating with a foreign company
  • managers  who are taking part in relocation programmes  and take up positions within their organisation in foreign cultures.
The specific cross cultural managerial competences which are the target of development and improvement are:
  • Communication skills for cross cultural environment
  • Negotiation techniques in a cross cultural / multicultural environment
  • Team building for multicultural work groups
  • Diversity management
  • Change management

The methods used for improving these competences include training programmes (which can be personalised to the client's requirements) and /or Business Manager Coaching. Both forms offer diverse but complementary solutions as to how best overcome the difficulties that globalisation brings to an organisation from a communications perspective.


























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