Cross cultural awareness for international managers

Cross-cultural skills are a major criterion for success in the global business environment. As national culture influences management practice it is therefore imperative that international managers acquire a deeper understanding of other cultures and more effective communication. The international manager must possess both "hard" skills which are of a technical nature as well as a series of "soft" skills which are considerably more difficult to acquire.

 Course content

  • the nature of culture
  • cultural contexts and dimensions
  • effects of stereotyping
  • cross cultural management communications
  • effects of culture on managerial practices and  styles 
  • culture and organisation 
  • country specific overview of culture  

 Target audience

  • managers already working in a multicultural environment
  • personnel who currently interact with foreign nationals  as part of a global virtual team
  • organisations thinking of establishing an overseas presence in the form of subsidiaries, joint ventures or through mergers or acquisitions
  • organisations experiencing difficulties in dealing with diversity and HR-related issues with relocated or newly hired staff
  • organisations who host overseas visitors on a regular basis


  •  Simulations
  •  Personalised content
  •  Group projects
  •  Case studies
  •  Workshops

























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