Team building in a multicultural environment


Understanding cultural differences

The objective of this course is to prepare cross cultural teams for various issues and situations which will most likely arise from a cultural perspective during the course of projects they are involved in. Through a heightening of the cultural awareness of the individuals comprising the team it will be possible to maximise the output of the team as well as the  synergistic effects within it. This is achieved through  improving cooperative work behaviour and coordination between its members and through the optimum utilisation  those individuals and cultures for the most appropriate tasks.


  • Addressing the underlying cultural roots of differences

  • Distinction between Groups and Teams

  • Understanding how cultural values affect the success of cross cultural teams: how they influence the setting of goals and objectives, strategy development, problem-solving, decision making and implementation plans.

  •  Agreeing on team goals and objectives.

  • How to influence performance and results in cross-cultural teams: leadership roles; team member relations; motivation; communication.

  • Which strategies to adopt for managing and/or defusing conflict in multicultural teams.

  • How to effectively provide feedback to team members of other cultures

  • Utilising team members individual qualities in order to gain maximum synergy from the team
  • Decision-making and problem solving in teams
  • Team leadership and  motivation
  • Team performance management and control

Target audience

  • Managers already working in a multicultural environment
  • Personnel who currently interact with foreign nationals  as part of a global virtual team
  • Organisations thinking of establishing an overseas presence in the form of subsidiaries, joint ventures or through mergers or acquisitions
  • Organisations experiencing difficulties in dealing with diversity and HR-related issues with relocated or newly hired staff
  • Organisations who host overseas visitors on a regular basis


  • Simulations
  • Personalised content
  • Group projects
  • Case studies
  • Workshops


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