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  • Managing organisational change, international growth strategies, integration, behaviour change, resistance, cross culture, strategic management

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  • Offers training programmes for international managers who deal with cross culture issues, effective communication, new culture contexts and dimensions, virtual project team management

  • Management Dynamics delivers cross cultural coaching workshops, cultural competence, training, coaching, workshops, multicultural, one to one, coaching session, coaching interventions, coaching sessions

  • Managerial Dynamics assists export companies in growing their international markets through increasing sales, cultural awareness and international marketing strategy development by delivering training programmes to small and family run business

  • Managerial Dynamics offers cross cultural negiotiation skills for international managers, improve cross cultural management skills which can be used in multicultural business environments

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  • Managerial Dynamics is a management consultancy company specialising in cross cultural skills development and management. It provides management communication training programmes for multiculture businesses, multinationals, medium sized and small businesses

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  • Building and managing efficient and effective cross cultural teams through improved cultural awareness and leading to output improvement.

  • Managerial Dynamics training services specialises, muticultural team management, diversity management, cross cultural skills, communications, multicultural coaching, cross cultural negotiations and change management
























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